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Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Recognize and acknowledge your fear.

Avoiding the dentist isn’t helping. If you are only visiting the dentist when you are in pain, this may only make your fear worse.

Find the right dental team.

Having an office staff and dentist who you are comfortable with and grow to trust will help ease your anxiety.

Tell your dental team about your anxiety.

Our dentists and staff honestly want you to have a positive experience with dentistry. If you, like many people, have anxiety when you are at the dental office please let us know so that we can try to help.

Use distractions.

Some patients find it helpful to find something to distract them from the dentistry. We suggest maybe bringing a pair of headphones and listening to music or a podcast.

Bring a companion.

We all have that friend or family member that seems to always be calm and strong. See if they will come with you to your appointment to help you relax a little too.